Stone House of St. Charles Wedding Videography

Stone House of St. Charles was a perfect fit for Kiara and Andrew’s wedding. It enabled them to have their entire day at one location — from hair and makeup all the way through to the party on the dance floor a the reception. The Stone House of St. Charles’s original buildings have been in existence for over two hundred years. The venue is located on a picturesque peak with a scenic view of the surrounding areas. The mature sycamore trees complement the architectural style of the buildings perfectly.

Kiara and Andrew’s story begins early in their lives when they were children, growing up in the same area. As the story goes, Andrew was at the same sporting event as Kiara, sitting in the bleacher seats with their families. Andrew overheard her, telling her mom that she felt thirsty. So, being the young gentleman he was, he obtained a cup of water and brought it to her. Kiara did not have the reaction Andrew hoped for, as she launched it from his nervous hands, because you know, boys are super yucky. Well, that didn’t stop Andrew, as years later, while both were attending college at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, he finally won her over.

Their wedding style was traditional American with African elements sprinkled throughout. Both Kiara and Andrew got ready for the day in the spacious private rooms at Stone House of St. Charles. Their ceremony was outside on the courtyard, flanked by an enormous sycamore tree, draped with string lights. They changed outfits to traditional African garments for the reception. A fun element to capture was guests tossing money in the air around the happy couple on the dance floor. The party lasted well into the evening as the action on the dance floor didn’t slow – not even for a minute. We particularly enjoyed capturing their day and family, as Kiara is the twin sister of Sade, whose wedding we captured the year prior. They are the kind of people that genuinely make you feel like a part of the day, not merely capturing it as a vendor.