Wedding Photographer, Pancho3

St. Louis Proposal | Josh & Kelcy

Got the call a few days ago that Josh is planning to ask Kelcy to marry him Friday evening down by the St. Louis Arch. We arrived at 8pm and anxiously waited for them to arrive. We had our fingers crossed that the drizzling rain would go away and they would arrive there before the sun set. Well, the drizzling rain fizzled away and Josh got on his knee just as the sun was disappearing beyond the St. Louis skyline. Here are a few pics from the eveing… Read more

Wedding Photographer, Pancho3

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Caitlin & Matt

Eight months ago, I received an email from Matt, saying he’s planning on proposing to his girlfriend and if I’d be available to stealthily capture the proposal. Of course, always being up for a little excitement and the opportunity to witness someone’s life change, jumped at the chance. You probably guessed it … Caitlin said YES to Matt’s big question! We had the pleasure of photographing their special day yesterday. It was great to see their family again – as we photographed Matt’s sister’s wedding four years ago. Congrats Matt and Caitlin – here are a few photos from yesterday (and one from the proposal). Read more

Wedding Photographer, Pancho3

Champaign Wedding Photography | Lauren & Pepsi

We photographed our first Champaign/Urbana, IL wedding yesterday. Pepsi and Lauren along with their wedding party were so much fun the day just flew by. We even had Lauren’s celebrity crush stop by – none other than Mr. Channing Tatum … well, a slightly thinner version of him. Here’s a little re-cap of their day. Read more


Tucson Wedding Photography | Cortney & Greg

We had the great pleasure of photographing high school sweethearts, Cortney and Greg’s wedding in Tucson, AZ yesterday. It was a little shocking to step outside the airport into 102 degrees after leaving behind 75 degrees in St. Louis, but the joy of the day made the heat an afterthought – for the most part :). I heard the entire day how great Arizona sunsets are, and man, it did not disappoint!! Here are few of our favorites from their day… Read more


St. Charles Wedding Photography | Catherine & Bobby

Here’s a quick preview of Catherine and Bobby’s wedding, which we photographed earlier today. For the third wedding [weekend] in a row, spring rain looked like it might put a damper on things, but then eased up just in time. The ceremony was on Main Street in the old historic section of St. Charles and the reception took place at the St. Charles Grand Opera House a few blocks away. Read more


Quincy Wedding Photography | Sheriden & Joe

We photographed Joe and Sheriden’s wedding yesterday evening in Quincy, IL at the Pointe D’vine Vineyard. Rain, drizzles, and more rain all morning threatened to put a damper on things, but then about 2:00 pm, we had our break. Other than the ground being a little muddy, we definitely couldn’t complain. We had great weather the rest of the way and Joe and Sheriden had a great time. Here’s a small review of the happenings… Read more

Wedding Photographer, Pancho3

Germantown Wedding Photography | Tricia & Chris

We had a great time photographing Tricia and Chris’ wedding yesterday! They and their wedding party were a lot of fun to work with. Sure, the ground was a bit soggy from the never-ending rain we’ve been having here in the mid-west, even had to drive over a couple of flooded roads, but we tip-toed around, found a few dry (enough) spots and made some pics. Here’s a little snapshot of their day… Read more